The war on drugs is just a waste of time and money

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Is The War On Drugs Nearing An End?

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WATCH: Head of DHS Just Admitted Drug War is a ‘Waste of Time’ at Stopping Drug Crisis

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Trump Foolishly Thinks He Can Solve the Opioid Crisis With Zero Cash and a Dumb Ad Campaign

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Is The War On Drugs Nearing An End?

A Reaganesque ad campaign aimed at telling kids that drugs are bad is the latest gigantic waste of time and money in attempting to solve the opioid crisis. Jul 29,  · Meanwhile, police departments that presumably have far more important things to do waste an enormous amount of time and taxpayer money chasing a drug that two states have already legalized and.

Number of states that have decriminalized or removed the threat of jail time for simple possession of small amounts of marijuana: Get tips for covering the war on drugs and download DPA staff photos, logos, marijuana stock photos and b-roll video. Drug Policy Alliance Headquarters.

WATCH: Head of DHS Just Admitted Drug War is a ‘Waste of Time’ at Stopping Drug Crisis. Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly became the latest public figure to acknowledge the failure of the War on Drugs, noting that if the U.S.

Proof the WAR on drugs is a waste of time, money and resources. Just listen to ALL of these idiots!

really wanted to solve the problem, it would stop putting nonviolent offenders in prison, and start looking for other options. Since the global war on drugs began, drug use has expanded steadily, the exact opposite outcome the war is meant to effect.

Take the time to read the Alternative World Drug Report which chronicles the costs of the war on drugs you choose not to talk about. The economics briefing is just one briefing/chapter (other cover human rights, public health, crime, stigma and discrimination, development and .

The war on drugs is just a waste of time and money
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WATCH: Head of DHS Just Admitted Drug War is a 'Waste of Time' at Stopping Drug Crisis