The question of whether it is worthy for a man to die for his country

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Ray_Snut September 23rd, I was reading on your web site about the many references to Jesus in the Quran. I have a question that I sincerely hope you can answer.

The DC Elseworlds story Superman: Red Son, in which the infant Superman's rocket ship crash lands in the Soviet Union and Kal-El is brought up to become a Communist leader, the American scientist (and, later, President) Lex Luthor is Superman's Worthy Opponent, impressive for a man with no superpowers.

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People criticize those who love themselves most, and call them self-lovers, using this as an epithet of disgrace, and a bad man seems to do everything for his own sake, and the more so the more wicked he is--and.

The question of whether it is worthy for a man to die for his country
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