The main features of money laundering and its effects

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How Money Laundering Works

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Money laundering

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The loss to society by tax evasion and corporate crime by some of the wealthiest multinational companies and individuals is enormous. This page explores issues such as tax avoidance, tax shelters, transfer pricing, corporate welfare, and more.

Effects on society. Some of the ill-effects that counterfeit money has on society include: Companies not being reimbursed for counterfeits.

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This has led to companies losing buying power. As such, there is a reduction in the value of real money.; Increase in prices due to more money getting circulated in the economy - an unauthorized artificial increase in the money supply.

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The so-called Camp Fire in Northern California in many ways has become the worst wildfire the history of a state whose topography and climate have. The economic effects are on a broader scale. Developing countries often bear the brunt of modern money laundering because the governments are still in the process of establishing regulations for their newly privatized financial sectors.

The main features of money laundering and its effects
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Finance & Economics: Effects of Money Laundering on Economy