Sachar study for indian muslim community

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The Sachar Committee : A Turning Point for the Muslim Community of India

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Indian Muslims want better representation in politics, finds study by UN-recognised institute

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Institute of Objective Studies publishes study on Muslim backwardness in India

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The Sachar Committee concluded that the conditions facing Indian Muslims was below that of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. The Sachar Committee Report brought the issue of Muslim Indian inequality to national attention, sparking a discussion that is still ongoing.

Sachar Study for Indian Muslim Community. Topics: Islam, All-Indian Muslim league By McGlockers Creation • Sir Syed Ahmad Kahn was the finder • Came from Muslims believing that Congress didn’t fully represent them but more towards the Hindu faith • Some of the beliefs was that the intellectual class wasn’t.

Addressing a press conference here at the Press Club of India, CERT team said that it has done a study in 34 universities across India and found out of total 9, 15, students, only 63, Muslim.

The study, VISION Socio-Economic Inequalities, finds that 89 per cent of Muslims face challenges as a minority community. A whopping 86 per cent of the respondents were not aware of the government schemes.

Around 44 per cent of the respondents were not aware of the Sachar Committee report. The.

The Future of Sachar Committee Recommendations In Times of Modi Regime

Oct 19,  · It was an act of political courage by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh when he accorded in-principle approval in February,to my proposal to set up a High Level Committee to prepare a report on the social, economic and educational status of the Muslim community of India.

The authors have used the Sachar Committee report of as a baseline for the study. Sinking education levels. One of the biggest challenges that Muslims in India face, according to the study, is in the field of education.

Sachar study for indian muslim community
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