Photoshop in sorsogon

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Sorsogon Update

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Matnog Island Hopping Sorsogon: Subic Beach & Juag Island Fish Sanctuary


Sorsogon diving is the Whale Shark Capital of the Philippines!

1. Installment Madness is available in all participating S.I.P. stores nationwide from October 1. A policeman was killed on the spot by two unknown assailants in Barangay (village) San Pedro in Sorsogon yesterday.

ABS-CBN identified the policeman as Michael Villalobos, who was killed when he decided to go home in the middle of the workday. When Villalobos was about to go back to the police station from his house. Sorsogon City is actually two towns that were merged when the city was created: Sorsogon and Bacon.

Drop by the Sorsogon Provincial Capitol which has a really elegant park. One of many great free stock photos from Pexels. This photo is about Lunad sa Balud, sorsogon, surfing.

Sorsogon State College

A week ago, me and my solemate (cheesy eh? lol) went to my birthplace, Naga City to fix some stuff. The initial plan was to stay there from Thursday to Saturday, but we just can’t take it.

Friday lunch we went back here in Sorsogon City. (minimum 3 hours of traveling) Oh dear, I am a mom already. Surreal.

Photoshop in sorsogon
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Sorsogon diving is a guarantee to dive with Whale Sharks.