Money market mcq

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Multiple-Choice Quiz

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What is Call Money/Notice Money Market (CMM)?

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Transactions have to be increased without the hard of brokers. Multiple Choice Questions. I. The Nature and Purpose of Financial Management. 1. Which of the following is. NOT. Which of the following are money market instruments? 1 Certificate of deposit.

2 Corporate bond. 3 Commercial paper. 4 Treasury bill A 1, 2 and 4 only. B 1 and 3 only. Economics is a study of man in the ordinary business of life. It enquirers how he gets his income and how he uses it.

MCQs on Principles of Marketing

Thus, it is on the one side, the study of wealth and on the other and more important side, a part of the study of man. This guide lists 10 ways to make money online in Sri Lanka. These methods are now called Passive Income methods, because you can make money via internet. Market for short term loan finance for businesses and households Money is borrowed and lent normally for up to 12 months Includes inter-bank lending i.e.

the commercial banks providing liquidity for each other Includes short term government borrowing e.g. month Treasury Bills – to help fund.

Guide to Investing in Colombo Stock Exchange CSE

Multiple-Choice Questions. 1) The best definition of economics is. A) how choices are made under conditions of scarcity. Which of the statements below best illustrates the use of the market process in determining the the amount of money that a company can earn by depositing excess funds in a money.

market fund. D) the amount of profit. This guide lists 10 ways to make money online in Sri Lanka. These methods are now called Passive Income methods, because you can make money via internet with little investment of time and effort on your part.

Money market mcq
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