Harold hieth s rifles for watie a

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Historian and author Harold Keith packs this well-researched novel with fascinating details and breath-taking action. Rifles for Watie was named an ALA Notable Children’s Book and won the Lewis Carroll Shelf Award. Literacy Skills Teacher's Guide for 1 of 3 Rifles for Watie by Harold Keith Book Information Harold Keith, Rifles for Watie Quiz Number: 75.

pages long- it was inanyway- and first published in hardback in by the Thomas Y. Crowell Company, Harold Keith's "Rifles For Watie" is a kind of novel rarely ever seen. 1 Jeff enlists in the brotherhood ground forces. “If by a miracle. a general war could be avoided.

soldiers were still needed to hold guerilla warfare in Kansas.

Rifles for Watie Summary

brought by the Missourian proslavery cabal across the boundary line. Rifles for Watie Wikipedia November 17th, - Rifles for Watie is a children s novel by American writer Harold Keith It was first published in and received the.

1 Jeff enlists in the union army. “If by a miracle, a general war could be avoided, soldiers were still needed to halt guerrilla warfare in Kansas, brought by the Missourian proslavery faction across the border, Jeff’s dearest wish was to become a soldier.” (Jeff) 2 Jeff chooses this side because he heard Abraham Lincoln give a speech that convinced .

Harold hieth s rifles for watie a
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