An analysis of the battle for senate in new york state as a close race between hillary rodham clinto

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An updated guide to the 2018 state Senate elections

Mrs. Clinton won the Jewish vote, but by a much smaller margin than typical Democratic candidates — 56 percent of Jews in the state voted.

JFK Jr. Was a U.S. Senate Frontrunner Before Suspicious Plane Crash?

Oct 18,  · But the one race giving the Democrats heartburn in this category is FL, an open South Florida seat that Hillary Clinton won by 20 points but where there’s a close race between former.

The countervailing forces could be seen in the suburbs outside of Newark, where Republican Leonard Lance is seeking his sixth term in a district that Hillary Clinton carried in InHillary Clinton (D) won 40 out of 63 state Senate districts in New York with an average margin of victory of points.

Clinton won nine districts controlled by Republicans heading into the. — A race-by-race analysis of Democratic House targets shows the party is close to winning the majority, but they do not have it put away, in our judgment, with Election Day less than three weeks away.

For Democratic Party boosters, Clinton's support of Menendez came at a welcome time, with many polls reporting an unexpectedly close race between the longtime senator and the Republican nominee.

United States Senate election in New York, 2000 An analysis of the battle for senate in new york state as a close race between hillary rodham clinto
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